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       Epitome - Sublife [OriginalMix + Dj Madd Remix] 12" 45rpm OUT NOW! by Epitome

Epìtome is a project born in 2008 from the union between Graziano and Epi (djs and producers of the Turinese scene, partners with Ezra and Nhertz of NoMad Records and Studios). The first one, definitely influenced from more techy sounds, takes part in 2008 to the COMBOCUT twenty minutes dj tour and shares the console with important names of the national scene. On the other side, the musical background of Epi, one of the 3 original founders of NoMas Studio, is very hip-hop oriented. Their encounter led th 2 guys to dedicate themselves spirit and body to the production and the search of sounds different from the usual tracks marked by four four time bass drum. Next step? Dubstep! The almost compulsive need for experimentation, broken rhythms, falls of low frequency synths and a strong inclination for melodica are the main ingredients that brought to life the first effort of the duo: Thirteenth Flat, the story of a constant cohabitation in an apartment of Turin, where the project has been developed between friends and controller midi, university parties and synthesizers, Cynar and LFO.

After 13th Flat EP they have passed a lot of time in studio to keep the originality and improve themself. In the beginning of 2011 the new single "All right" reviewed on DJ Magazine wich fuses dubstep and raggae influence with two great vocal collaboration by Karten and Creez.

The 2011 ep "Dubstress" is a 4 tracks release including the first Breaks track of the duo and a special remix by them great friend and producer Nhertz.

Resident djs of the Bratski Krug dubstep nights in Turin Epitome is going to release a new single: 'Sublife' ,including Dj Madd remix, next Feb 2012. The first 12" of the duo who confirm their original attitudes: passion, eclectism, originality, creativity are stronger than the simple trend of the moment!

Someone once said:“We are the music makerswe are the dreamers of dreams”so... Stay tuned and keep the step!


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NMR021 Epitome - Sublife

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